Cambridge Tang Soo Do Awards 2012

This year our annual awards were presented on Saturday 16th June after a session of bowling at Strikes, while everyone enjoyed a Chinese buffet. Everyone had a great time bowling which was a little competitive at times. The buffet was very good once we found the restaurant, (doesn't help when they change the name). This was the first time we have combined bowling with a meal at a different venue. Presentation of the awards were made by Mr & Mrs Allen to students at both Cambridge and Impington Clubs

The awards were presented as follows:

Edward Garland received the Club's Student showing Outstanding Effort Award.
Michael Kwiatkowski received the Club's Most Improved Junior Award
Guy Snape received the Club's Student of the Year Award.

The photos below show each of the students receiving their award from Mrs Allen.

Edward Garland - Outstanding Effort Award


Michael Kwiatkowski - Most Improved Student Award

Guy Snape - Student of the Year Award