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Impington Annual Awards 2006
On Saturday 3rd June, the members of Impington and Cambridge Tang Soo Do Clubs, along with their families, celebrated the clubs foundation in June 2001, by spending the evening bowling and having a meal at Strikes bowl in Ely. This is the second year we have held our Awards Evening at Strikes Bowl, following an enjoyable evening last year. In all fifty people attended the evening, which we feel was a great success and hope that all those present enjoyed themselves. After the, at times competitive, bowling and an enjoyable meal Mr & Mrs Allen, the Club Instructors, presented the clubs annual awards.
The presentations followed a similar pattern to last year with awards being made in similar categories, This year there were four awards to Impington students and two to Cambridge students, this being the first year of awards being made to Cambridge students. Cambridge classes were started in the September of 2004, and after a shaky period in the summer of 2005 now continues to grow.

From Impington Rachel Crockett received the Club Student of the Year Award,
                            Robert Russell received the Club Most Improved Student Award,
                           and Mark Beresford received the Club Outstanding Effort Award.

An Achievement Award was made to Impington Student Charlotte Abraham for her efforts in training throughout the year.

The evening concluded around nine o’clock, with all those present in good spirits having spent an enjoyable evening together. Photos of the Award winners can be seen below plus more photos taken during the evening in the Photo Gallery album Awards2006.
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