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Impington Annual Awards 2005
This year to celebrate the Club’s fourth birthday we decided to organise an outside event to celebrate and present the club’s annual awards. For this we organised a trip to Strikes at Ely where club members and their families spent the evening bowling followed by a meal and presentations of the awards. In all thirty eight people attended what was a very enjoyable evening out. On occasions such as this it is always nice to have the opportunity to meet and talk to the students families in a relaxed atmosphere out of class.
This year followed a similar format to previous years with two Students of the Year, two Most Improved and two Outstanding Effort awards. However this year it was decided to  recognise the efforts and achievements of the younger members of the Club  rather than have a Junior and Senior in each class.  
The first award for Outstanding Effort went to Mark Beresford who since starting to train has made steady progress and continues to try hard in all classes he attends.
The second award for Outstanding Effort went to Jack Mortimer who continues to progress through the grades with constant effort in class.
Next the first award for Most Improved went to Brandon Hawksley who after a slow start has now shown good potential and continues to improve with every class.
Second award for Most Improved went to Oliver Russell who has shown great improvement in all areas over the past six months. Oliver has trained consistently and not given up despite his lack of competition success, but this year has seen him achieve success in that area too, proving to us all that perseverance does bring results and success.
The first Student of the Year award went to Lydia Russell who has had great success over the past twelve months. Starting with two trophies in the 2004 National Championships, and following that with a first, second and third place in the World Championships, the success continued with two trophies at the Bristol Competition. This year she achieved three trophies at the National Competition in April to continue her run of success.
The next Student of the Year award went to Rachel Crockett who continues to embrace the true Tang Soo Do spirit, training four to five times a week, since achieving her Cho Dan Bo, she continues to grow in both character and ability.
Well done to all those who received an award this year, and to those students who didn’t get one this year, remember they are awarded to those students who show true spirit throughout the year. Remember the seven tenets and try to apply them to your training and your life.
Finally a thank you to all those who attended and made the evening a great success. Below are photos of those receiving an award, the other photographs from the evening can be found in the 2005awards photo album.
Held Saturday 4th June at Strikes Bowl, Ely
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